Pulled ober by the Po-Po

Uh-oh. On my way home from the mobies, I went fru a routine traffic stop and hab a problem. My dribers license says Martin, but the po-po knew I was Fibbs! Me and brothers need dribers/bizness licenses wiff OUR names on it. Anybody want to help us?! Dis time I was let go wiff a warning. ‪#‎Fibbs‬ ‪#‎BiznessLicense‬

(For all you old timey Martians, you will remember dis fun game. For the newcomers, If you would like to send one of the boys a “bizness/dribers” license with their name on it, they will take a picture with it and send you a personalized Fank You card. We like to see how many states and countries we can get licensed in! To see examples of Marty’s bizness license CLICK HERE)

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