Dis is my friend Gourdon.   He’s not a punkin, and I fink he might hab a slight skin problem, but don’t say anyfing because he’s kind ob senstib about it.



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  1. Gigi (a pretty girl rattie with a crush on wimbley)
    Gigi (a pretty girl rattie with a crush on wimbley) says:

    Milo… I fink it doesn’t matter bout Gourdon’s skin issue cause he must be a good friend if u r smiling like that. Friends r friends no matter their skin or what they r. (punkin, gourd, Mellon, or rattie) I’m glad he has a friend like u.
    I also really like that hat on u. It makes ur whiskers look extra awesome!
    Hab fun wiv Gourdon. Fanks also for the cool pictures.
    Lub Gigi (sweet rattie gal)
    Ps. What’s ur favorite fing to eat as a smak on Halloween?


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