New York Bizness

Hai eberybody.  Dis Fibbs.  We are here in New York to pick up our bizness licenses!   Wimbley was  waiting to talk to Pizza Rat.  She did come by, but it turns out she has like 87 kids wiff 5 different guys and isn’t looking for a stable fing.  I fink it’s better dat way.

Milo is looking for fingers at Skaneateles Lake in da Finger Lakes.  And I went to Niagra Falls, little did I know I was going to get so wet all ober again!!   “Go to Hurricame deck” dey said “it will be fun” dey said…  I can’t catch a break.  I fink I need a raimcoat.    We looked for the Pope but he is gone, so we will go back home and dry off.

A berry big fank you to Marie McMullen and Kimberly Henchyen for gibbing us license!    #pizzarat #newyork #wimbley



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7 replies
  1. Francisca
    Francisca says:

    Oh Fibbs, you would look great in a raincoat, that’s for sure.
    Milo, you are so cute with that little tongue….<3
    Wimbley, I hope your heart isn't broken. I think it must have been nice to meet Pizza Rat and I am sure she loved your flower, but I think she is just a bit too "wild" for you, sweetheart.
    Love you all!

  2. Winny Hanako
    Winny Hanako says:

    Hello Fibbs, I did not know that you are ready to settle down. I asked Wimbley to marry me earlier, but I am on hold pattern until I come up with clever cheese stories for him. What are you looking for in a wife?

    • Winny Hanako
      Winny Hanako says:

      Oh sorry, I misread your post. Wimley is the one who liked the New York Subway rat. How about you? What kind of partner are you looking for?

  3. Gigi (a pretty girl rattie with a crush on wimbley)
    Gigi (a pretty girl rattie with a crush on wimbley) says:

    Hi Fibbs, I told my mum that we need to get u boys here… I think she might take me shobbing to find license plates for u boys. (Especially for u Fibbs!!)
    Love Gigi. 🐀
    Ps. I think u boys would like it here the leabes look all pretty colorbs of red, yello, and orbange. Which reminds me… I’m gonna ask mum for some orbanges now. Yum yum xoxo


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