Georgia Bizness

Georgia is now open for bizness by Fibbs & Co. (not our official name, but I fink it has a ring to it, don’t you?)   Dis morning we took our trabel juice and checked fings out down there.  Wimbley was a little tired from trabel, so he just found a nice peach farm and did a little reading and finkin’ about fings.   He had a good book and spent hours dere reading and habbing some peaches.   Milo took a tour ob the Coca-Cola factory and Merlin was wight, the floors are so sticky he almost got stuck on it!   I took adbantage of being in Atlanta and went to CNN to see if they wanted me to do a guest spot for the weather, so me and Anderson Cooper gab the forecast.   We swapped stories about doing hurricame reports and had a good laugh.

A huge fanks to Merlin Stabinsky – cousin of our bizness associate Feodore San-Miguel.  We can tell you are a stand up guy and Feodore should be proud to go into bizness wiff you and share your yogies.   I bet you two can do gweat fings togeffer! 


Dis book is so good….



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