Louisiana Bizness

We now hab bizness skillz for Louisiama! On a recent bisit dere to check out bizness fings, I took some time and participated in a big parade in New Orleams. They were playing music and singing about donuts. At least I was. Wimbley saw dis swamp on our way to bisit the city hall, but he got conbinced dat was where Yoda libs so he went to check it out. He didn’t find him. Maybe was out ob town on bacation. Milo took a tour ob one of the oldest cemetaries, but he got a little scared so he came early and we all went to Cafe du Monde and had beignets.

A big fank you goes out to Charlie San-Miguel (he’s a chihuauahua), brother to our bizness associate Feodore San-Miguel.  Dat family must be weally good at all fings bizness and dey hab been terrific to us!






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