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Hai eberyone.  Dis Fibbs, or as they refer to me in the clink, prisioner 14.   Seberal people hab talked to the warden about letting me go, but he is being berry hard nosed about it and is making an example ob me.   Howeber, he did say dat if we can get 100 PHOTO signatures on a petition (dat means on dis post) ob rats or peoples holding a sign dat says #FreeFibbs he would be obiliged by law to let me go.   So please eberybody – help me out.  Dere are NO donuts in here and it’s cold and lonely.   I need your help!!!  Dis is the only time I can talk to you.  I’m wasting away wiff only bread and water.   🙁   Post your photos saying #FREEFIBBS and help get me out ob here for Christmas!!

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