Illinois Bizness

Hai eberybody!   Dis Wimbley.   I am writing the recap ob our bisit to Illinois because Fibbs is too traumitized.   We had our trabel juice and went to Chicago.  I immediately went to Wrigley Field, because I lub baseball!   But no games yet dis year, so I guess I will hab to come back later, now dat we hab bizness license in Illinois, I can come back any time.   Milo was hungry, so he went looking for some food and found a shiny giant beam!   Not to eat, but it was neat to look at.    He found a pizza place near the beam, so don’t worry, he is not starbing.

So what happened to Fibbs?  Well, he went to Willis Tower to the Sky Ledge finking it would be a great place to gib a speech from to reach all ob Chicago at the same time, but when he got up there (103 floors up)  He started getting woozy and couldn’t eben look down.   After we got him down we all had a snack by the riber and came home.

Big fanks to Aaron and Charlotte Samuels for the Illinois Bizness License!!   Your fank you card and pics will be in the mail fing soon!
(want to help us?  See what states we still need)


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  1. Winny Hanako
    Winny Hanako says:

    Oh no, Fibbs looks like he’s about to fall! I hope he get rid of his trauma. Thank you for your report Wimbley! Hello to Milo!

  2. Susan Michalik
    Susan Michalik says:

    Oh my. I am so happy to hear that everyone is okay. Poor Fibbs. I got upset just reading. Thank you for letting us know Wimbley. Glad Milo had pizza. You have new shirts. I will look in your store. xoxo

  3. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    Poor Fibbs! That’s exactly how I feel about heights. Hope you overcome your trauma soon. Donuts help with that!


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