Maine Bizness

It’s Wimbley Wednesday, so we let him decide if we went home after Wisconsin or keep trabeling, and he said “let’s go to Maine!”  We hab our suitcase wiff us, so we might trabel for a bit and hab a few adbentures dis week, maybe do some camping.  Plus I still hab to campaign for botes.

Milo went searching for a lighthouse and found one wiff stripes!   He was surprised how cute it was.  I don’t know why he was surprised, the only cuter fing would be one wiff polka dots on it.

Wimbley went to Becky’s Diner, a local lamdmark for good eatin and he met a horse named Bob dat was tied up near by.  You wouldn’t fink you would meet a horse in Maine, but you neber know what will happen when you trabel.   He had an extra carrot, so he gabe it to Bob.   Wimbley talked to Becky during dinner, and she said she might want to add on a Fibb’s Frostee Freeze (& Donuts!) to her restaurant, so fings are looking good here.

I went to the boardwalk where they catch lobsters and bring them in from the boats.   I set dem all free.

Big fanks to Alison Harris for helping us get set up wiff Bizness!    We sure do appreciate eberyone who helps us!


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