New Jersey Bizness

Hai eberyone!  Guess where we turned up now?!   New Jersey for bizness, ob course.   Milo made a new friend named Lucy, she is an elefant from Margate NJ, and she gibbed us all a ride around Jersey.   We heard her life story and met some ob her friends along the way.  About 10 minutes past lunch I got hungry, and stopped at this diner that has had a hamburger since 1946.   I felt bad for it, so I eated it.  It tasted pretty fresh considering how old they said it was.   I had some smashed taters too, but they put dem in stick shapes and fried it.  Weally good!  I fink they might catch on.

Wimbley had read some documentary books about the Jersey Shore, so he wanted to stop by the house where it all happened.    He said it was all pretty hard to belieb those characters were real.  He was going to get a GTL shirt, but they didn’t hab one in his size.

We are headed home now to help mom get fru Monday.  There is power in numbers.    Fank you berry much K. Walsh for bizness access, and fank you to Lucy for the ride!   Take good care ob dat bad toenail.



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  1. Paul Littlefield
    Paul Littlefield says:

    I used to live in New Jersey, not too far from the shore. It was good to see pictures of your visit there. I’m glad you are all going to be home to help take care of your mom on Monday. My boys all say hello. They want to know if you read the article in _Playrat_ on the Jersey Shore. (I only let them read the articles; they are _not_ allowed to look at the pictures.)


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