Yay Rocket Science!!

Hai eberyone!  Dis Milo, your science correspondamt.   Did you see it today!??   Our friends at Space-X just landed da first stage of dere Falcom 9 rocket on a platform in da ocean so they can reuse it again after launching the Dwagon spaceship up to the Space Station in orbit!  Do you know how hard dat is?!  Dats like frowing a pencil ober da Empire State Building and landing it on its ewaser on da other side.  Pwetty cool! Ob course, we already hab a reusable spaceship here at the Marty Mouse Space Program, but you hab to start somewhere. Lots of yogies for my friend Elom Musks today!   We watched it here, it was berry tense – but berry exciting!!


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4 thoughts on “Yay Rocket Science!!

  • April 8, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    I can’t handle how cute Milo’s excited little face is! The photo of Wimbley and Fibbs at attention is amazing. Lub Milo’s sciemce stuff!


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