Going Home

Coast is clear… we are going home!!   P.S.  Dis Fibbs talking.   I did not enjoy being kidnapped, but all fings being equal, the squirrels were pretty nice aktually.  They were sorry they had to go about fings the way they did, but they really needed my help, and since I am leading the donutratic party and look like the front runner for President, they wanted to talk to me about helping dem wiff top secret squirrel issues.   They didn’t mean to scare anyone by dissappearing me like they did, but they were afraid I won’t come if they just asked.  They treated me well.  I got to pack a bag, and they gabe me lots of snacks and eben probided me wiff a sock.  I met wiff lots ob the top lebel squirrels in the organizashun and helped dem figure out important policy issues and ways to mobe forward dat will benefit them and eberyone else.  I can’t say too much about the details, but I am assured to hab the squirrel botes in the election, their complaints were all balid and I will help them fix fings when I hab the power.    I’m exahusted and ready to sleep in my own cozy cup tonight!   Wimbley and Milo said all ob you offered your help and support to help find me.  I really appreciate dat!   You can still send all the extra corms and donuts for my ransom if you want to.



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7 replies
  1. Kevin (Merlin and Spartacus' dad)
    Kevin (Merlin and Spartacus' dad) says:

    So proud of Milo and Wimbley for their daring rescue. And you too Fibbs, for being willing to reach out to other parties. That diplomacy makes you my choice for president.

  2. Glenna
    Glenna says:

    So glad you’re with your brothers again Fibbs, safe and sound!! Get some rest. You deserve it after all those entailed discussions with the squirrels.

  3. Ann in Washington State
    Ann in Washington State says:

    Yay Fibbs! So glad you are back home safe! My rats and I will be voting for you and the donutratic party in November!

  4. Paul Littlefield
    Paul Littlefield says:

    Get some rest, sweety-boy, so you can get back on the campaign trail and sock it to the other candidates! Peace, love, and doughnuts!


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