Dash Dustdebil reporting

Hai.  Dis is Dash Dustdebil filling in for the Fibbs Frost Friday Forecast.   Fibbs is still missing but Milo and Wimbley are out searching.  Residents in the nearby area are sending in tips and we are checking dem all out.   In other news, there is weather happening.

The storm dat brought heavy rain, flooding and mudslides to Southern Califorbia on Friday is slowly mobing east, but a few showers are still expected Saturday in its wake.     Most ob Los Angeles and Orange counties will see high temperatures up to 68 degrees on Saturday, wiff clouds and a 20 percent chance ob showers.   Dat means bring your umbrellas and coats because it will be cold and drizzly.    Like Fibbs always says, remember to keep your snacks dry and safe.

Fank you boys for letting me fill in.   Back to you in the studio.  Oh wait.  Nobody else is here.   Ok, I am Dust Dustdebil signing off.

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