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May the 4th presents!

I hope eberybody is doing good today.  Fanks to all ob you dat are looking for Fibbs where you lib.  Ebery place we can eliminate helps.  No other clues hab appeared, and no communicashuns from the squirrels.   On the bright side…. we got a package today from our friend Gigi and her mom.  There were cards in there for all ob us, and eben tho Fibbs isn’t here we opened it anyway.  He would want us to.  She sent us lubbly cards, a box of eberlasting donuts (!?!?) dat Gigi and her borthers Bug and Pickles made, plus a couple Star Wars hammocks for May 4th day.   WOW!   Dats so cool.  Here are a few pikturs ob us.    Fank you Traci Bouwens, GIGI, Bug and Pickles!!  xoxo  I’m sure when Fibbs sees it, he will lub it to.   If we can get him back…





But we are still worried about Fibbs and after I hab dis snack and turtle in my new Star Wars hammock from Gigi, we will continue our search.


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  1. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I fink — excuse me, think — that squirrels are not bad guys. I always really like the squirrels in my yard! Maybe they were playing a prank… I hope Fibbsy comes home soon.

  2. Amethyst Bennett
    Amethyst Bennett says:

    No sign of him at USF Tampa! Those college squirrels are nost likely too fat to keep nimble and brave Fibbs hostage…


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