Our mom is eben older now!!


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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    Happy Birthday MM!

    And I hope you boys got to nibble some cake too. But give her lots of smooches. It’s her special day.

  2. Francisca
    Francisca says:

    Happy Birthday, Mom of Marty, Fibbs, Milo and Wimbley!
    I am sure you will love whatever the boys gives you (rat boys AND Dad).
    And Fibbs, of course there will be cake.
    Your Mom is so very lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her!

  3. April
    April says:

    Happy Birthday, Rattie Mom! I hope your day was wonderful and filled with lots of rattie kisses. And cake, lotsa cake!

  4. Paul Littlefield
    Paul Littlefield says:

    Happy birthday, Marty’s Mom. I hope you had a lovely day, with lots of love, beautiful presents, and plenty of cake and doughnuts.


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