Australia Bizness

We all hab bizness power in yesteryear ob Australia. These licenses work in olden times, and today!  They were made by a wood turner at a mid-ebil fair, and I fink they work eberywhere acktually, we need to test dat out.  Milo’s motif is a Wattle, Australia’s natshnal flower. Wimbley’s is the bottlebrush and mine is gum leabs. Wiff our trabel juice we went to present day Australia and met some kangaroos and went to the opera. They kept telling us to fro a shrimp at Barbie, but we like Barbie, she gabe us her scooter.  Fank you Wolberine and your mom for the fun adbenture and speshul bizness!!

We still need help to finish the USA! Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico (or the old one) and Washington DC. You don’t hab to be from those states to help us! We want to make Marty proud and be licensed in states like he was.  You get a collectible fank you card and prints of the pics we take wiff them for helping us out! Pleeze?!? I’ll gib you extra donuts.



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One thought on “Australia Bizness

  • July 30, 2016 at 1:57 am

    My goodness, these are beatiful and special! I think these old fashioned licenses are the best I have ever seen. Your names written in a special handwriting and with flowers and leaves too. And you look very good too, with the presidential hat for Fibbs and the trabel clothes for WImbley. No such things for you, Milo, but you are handsome too, buddy.


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