Frosting makes a good glue!

It’s done!  Did you know dat frosting can double as glue??  It does.  Milo showed me dat part.   It was frustrating at times, putting the roof on was hard.  But I finally finished my white house cookie!   Dis is what my new house is gonna look like.  But it will be bigger ob course.  Can you see the donut room??    fibbs_whitehouse2a
fibbs_whitehouse3  fibbs_whitehouse4


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  1. Winny Hanako
    Winny Hanako says:

    Oh Fibbs! Will you be bringing your family there to live with you? This is a very awesome White House Cake with the Donut Office. Hugs! Winny

  2. Francisca
    Francisca says:

    It looks great! And your name is on the roof, that is wonderful!
    You look like you really had a wonderful time building this house.


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