Night Seben

Deer Diary –

A boy tends to get a bit peckish while waiting for aliems.   I hab a few snacks here.   I fink my teebee commercial was really good, but no calls yet about UFO or aliem sightings, just about the toaster oben.   I know I need to be patient.     P.S.  Dis Wimbley.

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  1. Robin magnot
    Robin magnot says:

    Me (finkle) and my brother Willie, stayed up wate wast night looking for dem aliems, but we fell asleep beforb we seed any aliems. Keep up your bery important job!!!

  2. Suzanne Mangus
    Suzanne Mangus says:

    Wimbley, are you sure that it wasn’t one of the Aliems calling about the toaster oven? They may need it to heat Aliem snacks or even for parts for their space ship!!!


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