Endorsement from Bo Vine

Hey everyone. It’s me Bo Vine, Fibbs’ friend. If you read Gourdon’s past letter, you know I am looking for my mom, Cat Ell. Thanks everyone for the tips. Based on those tips, I find myself today in Yorktown Virginia, where between my searches I’m checking out some of the historical sites.

As luck would have it, right as I found myself at the site of George Washington’s headquarters during the Battle of Yorktown, I got an email notification from Marty Mouse House (you should all subscribe so you never miss a new posting) about Lionel’s endorsement speech. I think the timing could not have been more fitting. You see, just as I am visiting a historically significant place in the life of our first president, all of us today are experiencing what could be an equally historic moment in the presidency: the election of Fibbs to our country’s highest office.

Like Lionel, I first meet Fibbs when he was on business. In March, he and his brothers were visiting their old pal Gourdon, who had come to live on the Oregon farm where I was residing. From the moment I first met Fibbs, I knew he was special. It didn’t matter the color of your skin, rind, or hide; Fibbs accepted everyone for who they were, always looking for the positives in them (when he wasn’t looking for snacks that is). In his short visit, Fibbs had befriended not only myself, but everyone on the farm, including C.D. Lessmelon (Gourdon’s girlfriend), Pete and Tom Aytoe, and Q. Cumber. He is truly a unifier, as you could see from the vast coalition of people, aliens, fruits, vegetables, and lions he has gathered under the Donutcrat banner.

It is a banner that I am proud to stand under, as shown by all the campaign buttons (which you can find here) I am wearing. I am unashamed to say I am a Donutcrat for life, and I hope that you all join me in helping get Fibbs, the best third party candidate this country has ever seen, elected. Because while visiting historical sites and learning about history is great, it would be even better to be a part of something historical, something we could all do by voting Fibbs this November. I can think of nothing better, except maybe finding your mom, specifically in a field of donuts.    (Fank you to Kebin Stabinsky for sending dis ober to us)



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  1. Andi
    Andi says:

    Oh Bo Vine! What a great endorsement. I lobe that you emphasize Fibbs’ acceptance of eberybody. The Donutcratic Party is very very welcoming and friendly. Fanks.


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