Lionels Endorsement Speech

Hello.  My name is Lionel, and I have come here before you today to speak about my friend Fibbs.  I met Fibbs back in December when he and his brothers visited Maryland for Bizness.  He tried to take me to a movie, but they had a law that prevented a young lion like me from attending the movies. His outrage at the injustice of it all just further sparked his interest in running for office and being able to change things and make the world a better place.  He brought me back to California with him, and we have seen many movies since!

He has shown the globe his ability and desire to create change and inspire smiles the world over. Wherever there is injustice, Fibbs is there trying to help. Sometimes he gets distracted by snacks, but you can’t really blame a guy for that, it happens to everyone.  He has a huge heart and wants to help people, rats and animals all over the place. I have learned a lot from him and value his friendship more than I can express.  He will make a great leader.  An inspiration to one and all!

I am proud to be a Donutcrat!   I hope you will join me in voting for Fibbs and voting often!!   Thank you.

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