Wimbley Report and Poem

Hai eberybody.  I know you hab been wondering how I am, I’m doing ok!  It’s up and down, but I’m on an upswing right now.  While I was getting my medisin last night I made up a new poem.  It goes like dis:

There once was a red balloom
who was nice to all in the room
then a window was opened
and a breeze sucked him out
he floated to his inevitable doom. 

Dis is actually more ob a cautionary tale.  If you hab balloom friends, you should hold their hands if you go to parties.

My brothers fink my medisins are tasty.





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13 replies
  1. Karen Russell
    Karen Russell says:

    Good to hear you are doing ok and I luff your poem! 😄 Keep taking your medisins as dey seem to be working. xx 🐀🐾❤

  2. Robin magnot
    Robin magnot says:

    Thank you so much for that advise, I will be sure to hold hands with my balloom friends at Thanksgiving dinner…you know how crazy those things can get! Happy Thanksgiving wimbly, Fibbs and the rest of the family love Willie, finkle, opie and ash!

  3. Rose
    Rose says:

    I will keep our balloon friends safe, Wembley. Doom and boom are definitely scary! Keep taking your medisins, you are so kind and brave!


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