4 years ago today…

I brought a little fellow who would eventually be called Martin home, and my life was forever changed. – MM

(Rome wasn’t built in a day – it took practice)

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  1. Winny Hanako
    Winny Hanako says:

    Marty reminds me of the day I held Minnie in my palm and she reached for me and kissed me. That was the first day I held a rat and I fell in love. I love the MM family!!!

  2. Tucker DeRatt
    Tucker DeRatt says:

    And that’s when Marty was inspired to start his National Business of Marty Marts. He started sending out requests to license in each state & US Territories. He quickly was licenced in all. After a 1.5 years, he found that Marty Marts were popular in foreign countries and started the process for licenses in international countries. As Marty expanded his International business, he decided to go farther than any other Business CEO had up to that time. Marty stepped into his custom outfitted spacecraft to start his Interstellar Business. He was able to contact some interest with introductions by Larry.
    Once Marty returned from space, he took on 3 charming interns. Milo, Wimbley & Fibbs were quick learners & were able to step into Marty’s paw prints, when he retired to spend more time with his parents. Marty’s Mom & Dad were happy to enjoy that time.

    A HUGE Thank You to MM & MD for sharing Marty with all of us.
    Ratty Hugs

  3. Maryjane
    Maryjane says:

    What a special, memorable day! I can remember the first day we bought Cynder and Mary home (1 Dec 2012). One of my best days ever!

  4. Miranda
    Miranda says:

    Happy Gotcha Day! I brought two beautiful boys home a couple weeks ago. Their names are Opal (dumbo himi with pink eyes) and Onyx (dumbo black with black eyes). I remember the first time Onyx kissed me – I was in lub! Xxx

  5. Lauri Funk
    Lauri Funk says:

    Marty, you were already in Heaben when I first learned of you. Thank you for igniting the spark (and Milo’s wordplay on a cinnamon roll) that led me to your marvelous interns. It was love at first post, and I owe it all to you. Happy Gotcha Day, Marty. I wish you many donuts and cheesy crackers.

  6. Peggy Kelly
    Peggy Kelly says:

    I started following you around the time of the election. Thanks for all the sweet photos, I never knew rats were so photogenic! I appreciate your efforts, you make it look effortless!

  7. Paul Littlefield
    Paul Littlefield says:

    Thanks for sharing Marty, Wimbley, Milo, and Fibbs with us. They have helped me through many rough times over the past twelve months. Thank you for helping them be such wonderful rat ambassadors.


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