Fibbs Sweeps the Grammys!

AP January 29 2018 – Last nights Grammys at Madison Square Garden was swept by an unexpected new artist who took the music world by storm last fall with his hit Presidentshul Biscuit.  Fibbs took home like elebenty Grammys, and needed his secret serbice team to carry them all by the end ob the night.  His stellar live performance brought the house down with a standing obashun that lasted 20 minutes.  Bruce from Mars also won one Grammy.

Tomorrow night President Fibbs will back to fulfilling his main duty and delibering the current State ob the Uniom address.

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  1. Lauri Funk
    Lauri Funk says:

    The news that Fibbs and his hit Presidential Biscuit swept the Grammy’s doesn’t come as a surprise. I am happy he received accolades from family, friends, and other artists.


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