Marty Monday Pin

It’s Monday!

Do you have your Marty turtle-turtle pin?? It can be in case ob work, wear it in support ob Monday Boycott!  You an find it at the STORE OB CUTE FINGS

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Marty Bisits From Heaben … Brings Milanos

Hai eberybody!!

I am taking a break from doing Heaben stuff to talk to you a minute about the importance ob Milanos.  They are great! Best cookies eber. So I wanted to make sure dat Cosmo, Augie and Bean know dat too.  We all shared a bag, and I’m taking a few back wiff me to share wiff Milo, Wimbley and Fibbs.

I know the boys started school today and I saw what a great job they did! I hab the utmost confidence in dem to be really smart and do good Internashunal Bizness. We eben had our first rocketry and space training class before the offishul start ob school because I wanted to be there wiff dem for that, as you remember space was kind of my fing.  Ok, I better get back, but it’s really nice to eberybody again.  I lub you!!

P.S. Dis Marty.
P.P.S.  Dis was two weeks ago, I hab to keep my bisits top secret under cober.




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It’s Popcorm Day!

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Marty Joke

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Happy Marty Day!

Hai Eberybody! It’s Marty Day here in Heaben, and also on Earff, where you lib. It’s a fun day so fink about me, and hab some Milanos and do the Happy Dance! If you can go on an space adbenture, I fink you should, but I know most ob you don’t hab a spaceship. HAPPY MARTY DAY!!
P.S. Dis Marty


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Busy wiff Bizness

Hai eberybody!  The first shipment ob calemdars hab arribed, and we hab our new ‘fank you’ cards ready to go, so calling all shipping minions – time to get busy and send these out.  If you help, I will gib you a Presidentshul biscuit.  Maybe two.  (I know my mom won’t want one and just gib it to me instead, but I offer to be polite).

Click on the image to bisit the store and get yours today!  The big Memes Wall calemdar will probably come in tomorrow.

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Life Lessons from Marty

Sometimes da world is kinda scary, but if you hab a hand to hold and a cheesy cracker, it’s gonna be ok.

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It’s Donut Day!

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4 years ago today…

I brought a little fellow who would eventually be called Martin home, and my life was forever changed. – MM

(Rome wasn’t built in a day – it took practice)

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