Marty’s SOB

Marty’s School ob Bizness is the most prestigious Internashunal Bizness School –
you hab to be berry smart to granulate from here.

milo_granulationMILO – granulated wiff honors  (class ob 2015)

fibbs_granulationFIBBS – granulated wiff donuts  (class ob 2015)

wimbley_granulateWIMBLEY – granulated after he paid his libary fines  (class ob 2015)

www.martymousehouse.comSimonetta and Athena celebrating the granulations of their relations (below).

 Dr. Kebin Grazier’s boys attended in early February 2015.   Five did very well and granulated with honors,
but two ob the boys got kicked out due to we found performing enhancing yogies. justin

Christopher and Splinter hab apologized for using the performance enhancing yogies.
They are good boys and dis won’t go on their permanent record.

Finn and Penster both hab granulated wiff honors too!