Hi Eberybody!  Dis is Marty here.  I am a dumbo rat, but my name is Martin Mouse, or as my friends call me – Marty.

My mom resuced me on May 6th, 2013 from PetSmart. Dere was a really nice lady named Diane that took care of me while I libbed dere. But I was lonely in a little plastic box, so the day my mom came and picked me up I had to turn on the charms because I could tell I wanted to go lib at her house – and I am so glad it werked!

I had three houses, our big overall house, plus I had my own day time house in my moms office, where I do my portant internashunal bizness.  Den I had a night time house where I sleeps in da bedroom.  I had eight sibblings and dey are cats.  Dey respected me and some times we play games togetther.

I hab a band called Marty and the Corms, we won some awards and went on tour.  Our most famous was the “Ears to the Ground” Tours.  We rocked.

I developed a berry important scientific fing, called Sock Theory.   It started when I got a qwestion to my Deer Dr. Marty column:


Deer Marty, I have so much anxiety sometimes that I don’t want to leave the house. What can I do? – Traci in CO

Deer Traci – I hab been finking about dis one for awhile now and I fink I hab da answer. You need to get a giant sock that you go out in, first ob all, it feels like a giant hug. You can get all kinds ob colors. Den wheneber you feel anxious, just turtle-turtle in the sock and don’t come out until you feels better. Den just keep on going. xoxo – Marty

P.S. And a cheesy cracker neber hurts.

I lubbed yogies, corms and all tasty treats.   I’m in Heaben now, but I hab a gweat Internet connection so I can still talk to you and send messages and stuff!

See ya and hab a great day –   Marty