Fibb’s Baff Chronicles


Sometimes in life dere has to be a baff.  But mom promised us tweats if we did good. 

All clean and time for a reward for taking my baff like a big boy!   No floaters!

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  1. Gigi (a pretty girl rattie with a crush on wimbley)
    Gigi (a pretty girl rattie with a crush on wimbley) says:

    I try to give my mum the hardest time eber when she tries to give me a baff!!!! I fink I hab a fear ob water. My widdle heart goes pitter patter so fast, and I’m a girl so I fink “floaters” are gross. Washcloths not scary water bowls (or sinks) are the way to go, in my opinion. 🛀🏼+🐀=🚫 Xoxo luv Gigi (the prettiest rattie gal eber!)
    Ps. I fink u look handsomer all fuzzy n wetish in ur towel.


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