A disruption in the force

Our apartment / office building always smells great!   But sometimes a cleaning crew comes fru and kicks us out and changes eberyfing, and we don’t like it one bit!   Somefing needs to be done about dis.


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  1. Jozett
    Jozett says:

    Even as cute as you boyzez are, after a while your apartments get very stinky and need to be cleaned. Our rattys hate it too cause they spend all week getting the place all fixed to their liking and every Thursday the maid comes through and messes it all up again.

  2. Katy and the Mischief Sixteen
    Katy and the Mischief Sixteen says:

    Dis habbens at our house too! But da cleaming crew always leabs us treats to nom as an abology.

    ~Taquito, Shu and da rest ob da Mischief

  3. Paul Littlefield
    Paul Littlefield says:

    Fibbs, when u getz elected, u needz to appoint a Presidential commission to look into dis. Ratties eberywhere will bless u.



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