Unicorm Conbenshun

I hearby call to order the first meeting ob the Internashunal Bizess Conbenshun ob Unicorms.  Do we have any new bizness other than discussing Milo’s transpositional weekday juxtipacashun theory to see if we can lessen the burden ob Mondays?  Maybe we can see if there are other issues after snack time.  Who brought the donuts?

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  1. Kevin Stabinsky
    Kevin Stabinsky says:

    I hope Fibbs wasn’t running the meeting. Otherwise, if he became president, it could be a conflict of interest running both the country and the unicorm conbenshun.

    PS: Where can I get unicorm costumes for my little ones?

  2. Rochelle
    Rochelle says:

    I always knew dat they were for REALS !!! And Fairies, and leppercans, and Mermaidens too ! Nobody believe me… but now der is proof ! Boys, just so you nose… Shelly & Pippin BELIEVE !! We believe in Santa too, but dat one not eber open for debate !!


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