First Offishul Act

I am berry proud to be signing my first piece ob offshul legislashun today, Nap bill #15364.  Hereby granting you the right to take a nap wheneber you need to.   You’re welcome.



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  1. Francisca
    Francisca says:

    Ohh….This is an important moment!! Your first offishul act!! I feel a bit emotional…And such an important bill too. We all need that permission now and then. I feel…..*zzzzzzzzzz*…….And I am allowed to! Thank you, Mr. President.
    xoxo Francisca

  2. Robin magnot
    Robin magnot says:

    Yahoo I knew I boted for the right rat!!!! Thank you Mr president for your first official order in office, we the people & rats around the country are very grateful and will respect your order daily!


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