Ok, we are a little behind on the Cyber Monday fing, but its neber too late for Internashunal Bizness, so this will go from now until Wednesday!  (We hab been a little busy, and dis is Milo working in Heaben.  I guess you could say dis discount is Heaben sent.  Fibbs is settling in and will be in touch soon.  It sure is good to see him again, I know you guys miss him on Earff, but we are happy to hab him here wiff us)

Shop our Store ob T-Shirts and Coffee Holes and enter code FIBBS at checkout to receive 25% off your whole order.   Shirts for girls and boys in a bariety ob colors and styles.

We hab shirts wiff all ob us on it, and new Chef Fibbs designs on shirts and eben a pillow and other stuff!f  You can find them here, or wiff links from the menu on the homepage:

Coffee Holes

T-Shirts and a Pillow (more to come)

If you hab any qwestshuns or product suggestions, you can contact our Customer Serbice Dept.    xo Milo

And a big FANKS to Steph Laberis for allowing us to use some ob her wonderful designs ob us boys on stuff.  She’s awesome.


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  • November 28, 2017 at 12:52 am

    OMG wonderful <3


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