Temmessee Bizness

We decided to catch up on our bizness trabels this weekend, then next week we will hit the school stuff hard!  Granulashun is only a few weeks away and we hab lots to learn yet!

Today we met our friend Shirley Loftin at the Great Smoky Mountain Natshunal Park in Temmessee.  She said there might be black bears there, so we had to hid until Shirley showed up to show us around.  Bears are serious bizness.  I know what you are finking, but it’s true, we did see a couple and they inbited us to hab snacks wiff them. I was really wary ob the inbitatshun, but we did it, and they were berry kind and friendly, they really like marshmallows, but they were too sticky for me. They told us about Clingman’s Dome, the highest place in Temmesee, they said it had a great biew so we went there and it was gorgeous!  We looked at the stars and talked to Milo ober Hype Radio and he told us what some of them were.  We saw the Marty star!!

The next morning we went to the aquarium and talked to the fishes and pondered some important life issues, then went to Chattanooga and saw the choo choo.  Trains are cool.

Fank you Shirley for the great bizness license and tour!  Make sure you say hi to Cleo & Chuck (the bears) for us when you see them again.  xo  Dis Bean.

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One thought on “Temmessee Bizness

  • April 18, 2018 at 10:21 am

    Just fink.. after granulashun, you will be able to go almost anywhere in da uniberse. 🙂


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