The Dangers of Rats

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  1. Gerald Rennie
    Gerald Rennie says:

    I have dedicated my life about the advantages of rat ownership. To spread awareness of their awesomeness, and to suppress the stigma they have suffered at the hands of human kind for centuries. There is so much that they can teach us about their many positive qualities. I have participated in rat shows, rescues, and I even became a published author through their inspiration. I am G.W. Rennie, the author of The Rat Chronicles, a science fiction fantasy inspired by my autobiography, my true to life experiences in The Rat Worshipper. I can be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines on the Internet. Rats are being recognized for the value and impact they have on our lives in the areas of therapy, service and life saving, such as in Apopos hero rats. All of these amazing rat qualities are reflected in my stories. My vision of them has far exceeded my expectations beyond my most in depth imagination. Rats have been, and always will be a major focal point in my life, and it is my dream to share this with the world, but I am only one person. I will always reach out to others that share this vision of these little angels with me. In my honest opinion, rats make the best companion animals on earth!


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