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Hey guys. It’s your old pal Bo Vine. I’m still looking for my mom, Kat Ell, but thanks to some tips from your fans, I am tracking down a good lead here in middle America.

I guess Wimbley’s adbentures with Larry reminded some folks that aliems sometimes take cows into space, and that maybe that is where my mom is. So I have been making my way across America trying to get the aliems to pick me up.

Of course, while trying to get them to pick me up, I’ve picked up two more state licenses for you: Missouri and Nebraska. Why those two? Well, I wanted to go to Nebraska because of all the corn fields there, and Missouri was on my way, and since you still needed that state, I figured why not. I mean, if this tip pans out, you will have helped me find my mom, so it is the least I can do.

Anyway, back to my plan. Since I don’t have an aliem beacon, I figured maybe I could contact the aliems by making my own crop circles. I heard aliems may communicate with each other using
crop circles, so I figure I’d give it a try. I’ve never eaten so much grass and corn before in my life! Hopefully it works out.  bovine

While I’ve had no luck thus far, I remembered that it took several days for Larry and his friends to visit you Wimbley, so I am not going to give up. I might take a break or two, like I am in this picture, but that’s it. I’m going to follow your lead Wimbley and keep at it, because as you already know, moms are awesome. I can’t wait to find mine. I know with you and your followers’ help, I will.

Your pal,

Bo Vine

PS: Best wishes in your own journey of recovery Wimbley. All your friends at the farm are praying for you and wishes you and your family well. We lub you all.
When we got dis letter from our friend Bo, it was time to take the trabel juice and get busy!  Wimbley eben was feeling up to helping us and he got his friend Larry involved too.  He told all about the history ob ancient aliems and the lore ob cow lebitation.  Our first stop was in Nebraska, where we talked to all the cows we could find to see if they knew anything about Bo’s mom.  They weren’t too helpful.  Then with instruction from Larry, we helped build some really good crop circles that will attract the other aliems (the kind dat take cows – Larry’s people don’t do dat sort ob fing).

The licences came in real handy for making the patterns, we throw them down, step on them to crush the wheat and start all over again until we had a good pattern.  We couldn’t bring ourselbes to destroy a good corm field – so we hope wheat will work too.  Wimbley wasn’t feeling up to dat part but the informashun we helped us get from Larry was inbaluable and I fink he really enjoyed getting out and doing a little bizness.

It may take time, but we know Bo can do dis!  Fank you for looking out and helping our Internashunal Bizness along the way.  Now on the Missouri….








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One thought on “Nebraska Bizness

  • September 26, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Hope from all of my heart you will find your mom, she is a big part of your story and you need it for built you <3 Hugs Xxx


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