Temmeessee Bizness


We hab license for Internashunal Bizness in Temmessee now!

Wimbley went to Dollywood and rode on all the rides, he met Dolly and they sang a duet ob Islands in the Stream.   Milo enjoyed the Smoky mountains and Fibbs met up wiff some record producers in Nashville and talked to dem about a recording contract for our new tribute band to Marty and the Corms.   I fink it went well, Fibbs has the gift ob gab and is a good negotiator.

Big fanks to Shirley Loftin for sending these to us!!   We will send you a fank you card and prints ob us wiff our license.   🙂   If you want to help us, see what states we still need here.

P.S.  Don’t share your Netflix password wiff anyone here, it’s illegal!


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  1. Francisca
    Francisca says:

    Wimbley, wish I could have seen (and heard) you sing with Dolly! Bet she thought you are adorable too!
    Fibbs, I am sure everybody was impressed by you. Milo, these mountains sure look awsome.
    Love you all!


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