Fibbs Frost First Forecast

Hai Eberybody! It’s me, Fibbs Frost (dats my tee-bee name) wiff your weekend forecast for Souffern California. It looks like we hab more hots and humids wiff sunshine and for some reason we are squeezing Wednesday and Thursday into one day dis week. If you want us to gib you your forecast sometime, you can email FibbsFrost@gmail.com wiff your location and maybe next week we will do your weather! Or you can just look outside. ‪#‎FibbsFriday‬ ‪#‎FibbsFrost‬

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3 replies
  1. Melissa McAvaddy
    Melissa McAvaddy says:

    Fibbs!!! Seminole, FL needs you to do the weather! We’re flooded with tons of rain! The pool is overflowing! Can you make it stop?!?!

  2. Mindy
    Mindy says:

    I agree, get rid of Mondays, or make it a part of the weekend. Who made the rule we have to work 5 days and only two off. I’m turtling today….


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